Dennis The Tennisball

Dennis The Tennisball

Do you think you can play...

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Dennis The Tennisball A funny and tricky game, Now in app-store.

Dennis The Tennisball playfield example

Dennis want to go into the hole.

Just tilt your iPhone/iPad and he will roll and bounce to get there.
Does it sound simple, it is not! It is hard! Dennis has just fifteen seconds to get into the hole, no matter what obstacles that are in the way.
Dennis also has a good bounce, really good. Irritatingly good. That is good sometimes, but usually it's bad.

Sometimes there are holes in the walls too, but you do not want to go there!

You think you can go to another level

The levels are grouped into groups of nine. If you manage to unlock all nine of these levels in one group, then they will remain unlocked. But more importantly, that unlocks next group. How many can you unlock? Some are are normal people and some game players.

Dennis The Tennisball levels

An unlocked level can always be replayed to improve your score, it costs no life.
The score is always the same as time left.

3 * 9 levels are free. If you like Dennis and want to have more challenges, then you can upgrade to get access to more levels.

All sounds and music in this game comes from